Chairside CAD

More automation, simplified user experience – optimised for use in a clinical environment.

Powerful dental CAD
software for clinicians

The software supports the design of dental restorations that can be produced at chairside: inlays, onlays, crowns, veneers, bridges, and pontics. Add-on modules are available for creating eggshell temporaries and dental appliances such as bite splints.

Chairside CAD is based on exocad‘s proven and trusted technology, and can load open files from an intraoral scanner of your choice. We work closely with some of the leading manufacturers to ensure perfect integration and smooth workflows.

Thanks to our open platform, there’s a wide range of compatible production systems and materials to choose from. For cases not produced in your clinic, you can take advantage of the integrated communication system dentalshare to easily collaborate with the lab of your choice.

Wide range of indications and functionality

Even the standard version of exocad ChairsideCAD covers a wide variety of indications.

Anatomic crowns

  • Design beautiful and functional crowns with minimal effort.
  • Multiple high-quality tooth libraries included.

Anatomic/simple copings

  • Starting from the full anatomy, you can take advantage of cutback options to create an optimal coping.

Bridge framework

  • Full contour crowns, copings, pontics, or inlays can be combined with bridges and bridge frameworks.


  • Beautiful, natural-looking inlay and onlay restorations can be designed rapidly and easily.


  • Achieve highly aesthetic results with just a few mouse clicks.
  • Several beautiful tooth libraries are included.

exocad add-on modules expand the features of the standard version. This module system allows great flexibility and you can purchase just what you need or omit what you don’t, making it a very attractive economic proposition. However once you have tried the add-on modules we feel you will want to have them all and use them every day.

Bite Splint Module

  • exocad ChairsideCAD standard version
  • Bite Splint Module

Provisional Module

  • exocad ChairsideCAD standard version
  • Provisional Module

TruSmile Technology

  • exocad ChairsideCAD standard version
  • TruSmile Technology

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Why choose exocad?

  • Faster workflows, improved proficiency
  • Flexibility as you require it
  • Independent & innovative
  • It’s easy to use and to reach your high expectations
  • Reliability you can trust
  • Truly future-proof