Dental Clinic
Air-Quality Solution

Effective antivirus.

During dental examinations, dentists and patients are easily exposed to bio-aerosols that come from patient's mouth. More than 350 kinds of infectious microorganisms such as bacteria can be found in the oral cavity. A large number of water mist and aerosols generated in dental treatments such as cavity access, tooth scaling, tooth preparation and high-speed drill tooth separation would float and stay in the air for several hours, which brings a huge potential threat to the health of dentists and patients, especially the elderly, children and people with low immunity

High-voltage Plasma Air Purifier

Tens of thousands of volts electric field
Effective antivirus
  • Smog
  • Toluene
  • Dust
  • Pet
  • Mite
  • Peculiar Smell
  • Coronavirus
  • Second-hand

Effectively removes aerosols.

The sterilisation effect of high-voltage plasma technology
is 6-8 times that of traditional electrostatic sterilisation.

High-voltage electrostatic air purification technology can absorb particles and aerosols as small as 4.6nm. An electric field of 20,000 to 40,000 volts can effectively inactivate bacteria and viruses. The Laboratory proves that its killing rate of H3N2 influenza virus within 1 hour is greater than 99.97%, and the killing rate of Staphylococcus albicans is greater than 99.9%

  • H3N2 influenza virus killing rate within 1 hour
  • Staphylococcus albicans killing rate within 1 hour
  • Nanometer scale purification particle size

High-voltage Plasma Air Purifier

Protect your health
and the health of your patients.

ln the oral diagnosis and treatment, a large number of water mist and aerosols produced in the cavity access, scaling, preparation and teeth separation will float in the air for hours!

Everyone has more than 350 kinds of bacteria in their mouths, and exposure to biological aerosols for a long time will cause infections!

H3N2 influenza virus is very close to Coronavirus

TPA ion field purification technology
Air purification technology
from Silicon Valley

Create a high-energy ion field between the collector and generator. Active use of high-concentration particles to capture particulate matter and kill bacteria. lt not only avoids the problem of performance degradation and repeated filter replacement of traditional filter technology, but also solves the problems of low efficiency and ozone control of traditional electrostatic technology.

Catalytic device

Absorb odours and reduce activated carbons


Collector plate is negatively charged
Absorbs positively charged particles

20000-40000 volt
ion chamber Sterilisation

Kill viruses and bacteria

Generator pole

The plates are positively charged, killing bacteria and viruses, and making particles positively charged


Filters out large particles such as hair and dander

TPA Technology

The TPA technology was created by air doctors from Silicon Valley, making it washable and whisper-quiet.

Redefines the air purifier with remarkable features of technology, intelligence and humanisation.

Innovative use of generator pole and collector pole to form a dust hunting airfield can actively absorb and hunt particles, dust and smog in the air, breaking the passive filter of traditional air purifiers.

Absorb particles 1OO times smaller than PM2.5. Known as the benchmark for future air purifiers, ushering in a new era of silent and consumable-free air purification

Nanometer scale filtration

The ordinary purifier can only filter particles above 0.3um. The size of the novel Coronavirus and influenza virus is about 0.1um, so the filtration efficiency of ordinary purifier is low

Woodpecker Air Purifier can efficiently filter particles that are at least 14 nanometers (0.0146um) in size, much smaller than the size of a virus.

Particle size that
ordinary purifier filters

Coronavirus size

Particle size that
Q3 purifier filters

Existing air purifiers are HEPA filter type that can only absorb particles. Cannot kill the viruses and bacteria. Easily cause secondary pollution.

High-voltage Plasma Air Purifier can directly kill the virus through an electric field of up to tens of thousands of volts.

High-precision PM2.5 sensor. Check the air condition of your consulting room at a glance

The dental clinic has a relatively large crowd and there are potential risks.

High-voltage Plasma Air Purifier uses a high-precision PM2.5 sensor, with LED Liquid crystal digital display and a three-colour indicator, helping you control the indoor air condition in real time and avoiding potential risks in time.

Patent for wine glass air flue
More thorough three-dimensional purification

Stacking the purification module and the booster fan Z axis accelerates the running speed of the charged particles in the ion field and greatly improves the purification efficiency. The novel and elegant wine glass shape air flue design guides the clean air to spiral up and spray out along the smooth air flue, forming a large-scale three-dimensional air circulation so that the air indoor is quickly renewed.

lnvention Patent CN2O150960621.9
Utility Model Patent ZL201521068120.1

No consumables
No cost
Washable electrode

Traditional consumables are expensive and inconvenient to clean. The traditional filter type purifier requires regular filter replacement, which is expensive. High-voltage Plasma Air Purifier uses consumable-free patented TPA ion field technology. No need to replace the filter element, eliminating the cost of subsequent filters. Clean the collector electrode to realise reuse.

Low noise

More comfortable
treatment environment

The lowest noise is only 40db,
which is much lower than that of traditional purifiers.

One-click control

Life needs a philosophy
of subtraction

The five functions of power-on, power-off
four-level speed, sleep mode and
automatic mode are set via an
“ON/OFF” button.

Minimalist beauty


Scattered openwork grille surrounded by three sides.


Without lack of grace in toughness


and pure black belt
LED digital display

Minimalist beauty

Black and white

Pure white body with pure black top cover and pure black belt. Keep minimalism to the end

joint control

Left-hand light
Right-hand wind speed

Wind speed
level display

Supercar Dashboard
Feel the speed
and passion of Q7

scroll wheel

Movable purifier

World famous component suppliers
Create assured quality

Plasma Air Purifier
Escort your health

Plasma Air Purifier
More suitable
for dental clinics