VITA Easyshade® V

£1,550.00 + VAT

Perfect, Pure Shade Determination with VITA EasyShade V
Building on the popular VITA Easyshade digital shade matching system, we are pleased to introduce the fifth generation of Easyshade technology with the new VITA Easyshade V.

Optimal shade determination is now easier than ever, thanks to new functions for automatic measurement. With cutting edge measurement technology and durable LED components, VITA Easyshade V offers precision unobtainable by the human eye.

A new “average” mode in the Easyshade V allows users to measure up to 30 shades on a single tooth and arrive at an overall average shade, making the determination of a base shade on tricky anteriors even simpler. And the user no longer has to worry about placing the probe tip precisely perpendicular to the tooth surface. The shade measure button can be depressed prior to placement and the Easyshade V will automatically measure when proper placement is achieved.
The Easyshade V can determine correct tooth shade in seconds (Classical and 3D Shades) regardless of environment.

Digital shade taking and shade communication device. Stylish with an ergonomic design, the Easyshade® V fits naturally in the hand. Easy to use, highly accurate regardless of the lighting condition or work environment.

Automatic Measurement:
Automatically knows when the probe tip is properly placed for best measurement. Plus, a new “average” mode allows users to measure up to 30 shades on a single tooth and arrive at an overall average shade, making the determination of a base shade on tricky anteriors even simpler.

Displays VITA classical and 3D-Master shades  as well as ADA protocol bleaching shades

Bluetooth® Connectivity: Using Bluetooth, measurement data can be wirelessly transferred to the VITA Assist communication software on operatory computers.



Intuitive. Precise. Innovative.

Areas of application
Basic shade determination for CAD/CAM materials
Basic shade determination for direct fillings materials
Basic shade determination for the selection of prosthetic teeth
Tooth-area shade determination for the fabrication of layered ceramic restorations
Tooth shade determination for use in bleaching
Shade determination for restorations even during fabrication of restorations
Check finished ceramic restoration option to ensure the best results
Intraoral and extraoral shade determination of existing ceramic restorations

Precision optics thanks to Vita vEye
Brilliant LED colour touch display (latest generation)
Long-life battery technology with integrated self-discharge protection
Intelligent Vita vBrain neural network
Revolutionary software concept with user-oriented operating interface
Innovative communication via the smartphone app Vita mobileAssist
Seamless design for maximum hygiene
Displays ADA Protocol Bleaching Shades*
Shade results are displayed in VITA classical A1-D4 and VITA 3D-MASTER shades. Bleaching effects can also be displayed in accordance with the internationally recommended scale from the American Dental Association.
Easyshade probe tip for easy placement and automatic measurement

Technical data
Spectrophotometer measurement range 400-700nm
Inductive charging concept with long-life AA batteries
Spectral filters analyse the remission spectrum
Output of all tooth shades in Vita System 3D-Master® and Vita classical A1-D4®, as well as indication of the VitaBlocs® shades and tooth bleaching shades in accordance with the ADA (American Dental Association) standard Bluetooth® interface for communication with the Vita Assist PC software as well as the smartphone App Vita mobileAssist