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exoplan is now available in selected EU markets as well as in Mexico. Other markets such as the USA are in preparation.

Discover our powerful implant planning and surgical guide design software exoplan – created to provide dental labs, dentists, implant specialists and surgeons with maximum flexibility. Based on the renowned exocad platform, exoplan guarantees a seamless digital workflow and the highest usability and performance.

Thanks to the open, vendor-neutral software architecture, open 3D scanners, 3D printers or milling machines can be used. Our integrated software solutions guarantee the seamless functionality of the digital workflow – from virtual, prosthetic-oriented implant planning with exoplan to designing surgical guides with our Guide Creator. In addition, exoplan users can take advantage of seamless integration with DentalCAD, exocad’s dental CAD software, to facilitate their planning and production of implant-supported, temporary and final prostheses.

exoplan Matera 2.3 with Guide Creator out now. Watch video here.

exoplan guides dental professionals through the planning of implants and the design of surgical guides in one intuitive, digital workflow.

Visualize, plan, create

In-house surgical guides – with Guide Creator module

Design your own surgical guides, and manufacture them in-house with your 3D printer or milling machine to maximize the return on hardware investments. Thanks to the standard data format STL, you have the freedom to choose your hardware and production center.

Highest accuracy – alignment of scan data

Combine CBCT and surface scan data of a model by taking advantage of exoplan’s robust alignment tools. Additional refinement features maximize the accuracy of the aligned scans.

Ultra fast – exoplan’s DICOM viewer

Get enthused with exoplan’s high speed in processing large CBCT files. Due to optimized data handling algorithms and snappy graphics rendering, exoplan provides market-leading DICOM loading and visualization speed.

Free choice – comprehensive implant and component library

The exoplan library comprises over 250 different implant systems from top-tier manufacturers – such as Straumann, Dentsply Sirona, Zimmer and Camlog – as well as numerous local suppliers. Users can also access exocad’s comprehensive library of over 2 000 prosthetic components.

High usability – wizard & expert modes

Thanks to exoplan’s intuitive guided approach, implant planning with consistent results has never been easier. exocad’s proven wizard-based workflow guides you through every step of the process. In exoplan’s expert mode, you can access extensive supplementary features and tools.

Secure – planning reports and surgical protocols

Facilitate your communication with surgeons through detailed reports and surgical protocols. Document every case and component configuration automatically.

Exceptional flexibility with exoplan.
Control every step according to your requirements.

Implantology is an integral part of modern patient treatment. It can involve many steps and parties from implant planning to surgical guide design and manufacturing. Enjoy freedom of choice and manage your individual process for guided surgery with exoplan! Thanks to open, yet integrated solutions for digital dentistry, you are in control of the desired workflows. While surgeons may only need our exoplan planning tools, dental practices and laboratories benefit from the complete solution, including our Guide Creator module.

No hidden costs

Maximize your profits with our simple and transparent pricing model. exoplan has no click-fees and no hidden costs. With a low annual fee – which includes updates to future versions – you have access to our software for an unlimited number of cases. The modular software structure with our implant planning component and Guide Creator module ensure that you only pay for what you really need. Thanks to its open and vendor-neutral software architecture, you can use exoplan with your existing equipment, such as any open 3D scanner, milling machine or 3D printer.

Benefits for general dentists & implant specialists

  • Improve your restorative results
    exoplan supports prosthetic-driven planning
  • Work with your preferred implant system
    exoplan offers extensive implant libraries
  • Opt for in-house or outsourced production
    exoplan offers flexible workflows
  • Make the most of your devices
    exoplan is compatible with open systems
  • Engage patients during the implant planning process
    exoplan provides previews of the esthetic outcome
  • Collaborate effortlessly with partners
    exoplan’s output can be directly imported in leading lab CAD/CAM systems
  • Simplify your documentation
    exoplan generates automatic case reports
  • Profit from an unlimited number of cases
    exoplan has no hidden costs or click fees
  • Produce your own surgical guides
    exoplan supports open 3D printers or milling machines
  • Benefit from our proven software platform
    exocad software has been established in labs for 10 years

Benefits for dental laboratories

  • Expand your service offerings
    exoplan enables implant planning and surgical guide designs for in-house production
  • Reduce rework and corrections
    exoplan allows prosthetic-driven planning
  • Create predictable restorations
    exoplan accesses exocad’s comprehensive library of over 2 000 prosthetic components
  • Work with your existing equipment
    exoplan supports file formats for open 3D printers and milling machines for surgical guide production
  • Improve collaboration
    exoplan facilitates the communication with your clients for improved and predictable outcomes
  • Integrate workflows seamlessly
    exoplan interoperates with exocad’s DentalCAD
  • Profit from an unlimited number of cases
    exoplan has no hidden costs or click fees
  • Apply your experience using exocad’s DentalCAD
    exoplan offers you a familiar user experience
  • Benefit from our proven software platform
    exocad software has been established in labs for 10 years

Interested in learning more?

Check out our exoplan videos

exoplan Matera 2.3 with Guide Creator

exoplan Quick Guide: Get most out of guided surgery

Download the exoplan brochure (PDF)

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: We offer all Medical Device Software (including ChairsideCAD and exoplan) exclusively via a subscription-based licensing model. The reason is that our Medical Device Software should always be under maintenance, so that in the unlikely event of a safety issue with the product, an update of the software can be provided. Our policy has always been to provide maintenance free of charge for one year after the initial purchase of our software, and to provide software updates only for licenses that are currently under maintenance. While we do provide permanent licenses for our non-medical products (such as exocad DentalCAD, targeted at dental labs), which users can continue to use indefinitely even out of maintenance, this is not the case for our Medical Device Software. These products will no longer function if subscription is not renewed. Permanent licenses – which can be used indefinitely – are not available for our Medical Device Software. According to MDD 93/42/EEC, Annex I, Requirement 4, which applies to these products, all medical devices must have a definite lifetime.

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